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Autoflower Cannabis Seeds Mix Pack


6 Seeds Per Pack


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Autoflower Cannabis Seeds Mix Pack

  • Variety of autoflower seeds
  • Perfect for those who can’t choose

Whether you’re just delving into the world of autoflowering seeds or simply cannot choose between all that’s available, our mixed pack is a great choice for many growers. It includes several autoflowering strains which are easy to grow and harvest in a short timeframe. They can also be grown indoors or out. The height of plants included in this pack will vary from 18 inches, known as dwarf sized, to around three feet or slightly taller. They all take approximately seven or eight weeks to finish so grow them all together or a few at a time – it’s your choice.

Effects from each plant included in the mixed pack will vary as the THC and CBD content will vary from plant to plant, but in general they’re indica-dominant, so will have a relaxing, mellowing effect.

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