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Lemon Cannabis Seeds Autoflower


5 Seeds Per Pack


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Lemon Cannabis Seeds Autoflower

  • Sativa-dominant
  • Energizing effect
  • Great for fatigue management

Auto Lemon completes its life cycle within nine weeks of germination. A fast-flowering plant, with 18 hours of light, indoor growers can expect a yield of up to 500 gr/m2. It will still flower with as little as 12 hours per day of light, although it should be noted that this will affect the size of the yield. Outdoors, Super Lemon will produce about 70-80 grams per plant.

Sativa-dominant Auto Lemon is clear and uplifting with THC content ranging from 15 to 20%. It’s ideal for treating stress, depression, and fatigue, and managing pain becomes quite easy with this citrus/fruity tasting strain. As it can have an energizing effect, which is great for those needing some quick motivation or fatigue management, some have said it may not be the best for those already wound up tight.

Lemon Autoflower Seeds Information

  • Sex: Feminized
  • Variety: Indica / Sativa
  • Strain Genetics: Super Lemon Haze x Ruderalis
  • Flowering Type: Autoflowering
  • Flowering Time: 7-9 weeks
  • Where to Grow: Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
  • Harvest Month: 9-11 weeks from germination
  • Medical Conditions: Fatigue
  • Taste / Flavor: Citrus, Haze, Lemon
  • Effect: Body, Cerebral, Long lasting
  • Plant Height: 80-100cm
  • CBD Content: Unknown
  • THC Content: Up to 18%

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