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Super Autoflower Cannabis Seeds


5 Seeds Per Pack


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Super Autoflower Cannabis Seeds Feminized

  • Uplifting body high
  • Indica-dominant
  • High yield

Super Autoflower is a high-yield, indica-dominant strain providing that strong body buzz indica lovers are after.

Super Autoflower can be grown indoors as well as outdoors, with an average yield of 60-200 grams per plant with a record grow of more than 350 grams from one autoflower plant. Whether you require the plant for medicinal reasons or for recreation, this is a great choice for you.

Super Autoflower can be considered a super-autoflowering strain, meaning you can see a higher than average yield from a single plant. This bigger yield means that AutoMontreal plants usually grow taller than the average autoflowers; expect Super Autoflower to grow to 50 cm or higher. Because they can grow up to 120 cm tall, best to be careful and know that for very small spaces this plant usually will be too tall if you don’t prune accordingly.

Super Autoflower Information

  • 5 seeds per pack
  • Prize winner
  • Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
  • Life cycle: 10 weeks out doors August 
  • Production: XL
  • Indica  50%
  • Sativa  50%
  • High level of THC

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