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Betty Warp Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

  • Fast harvest
  • Helps with pain and stress

If you are looking to treat chronic pain, stress or depression, or simply increase your appetite, Betty Warp is a good choice. This hybrid strain can be harvested earlier than many others, especially when grown in smaller spaces. Be aware that smaller pots mean smaller yields. The strong flavor and potency of this strain make it popular. It is also easy to cultivate.

We took our best outdoor genetics and crossed with a pure autoflowering strain, creating a hybrid strain with explosive growth and early high yields. This results in higher yields, a unique flavor and potency compared to a traditional autoflowering strain, but a faster harvest than a common early strain.

  •  Harvest and yield: late August - early September, gives up to 227 grams.
  • Flowering time from germination: 100-120 days depending on conditions.

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